Beat the Heat With Boat Towables

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Water Sports

When the summer season kicks into full gear, many people flock to their favorite watering hole for some exciting tubing. Boat towables are popular items that many folks will be toting with them this season, and for good reason. Tubing is fun, exciting, and a great way to get active and out of the house. It can also be extremely safe, as long as you use the equipment properly. When you know how to use boat towables, you can have the best summer ever.

Have Everything Handy

It is important to think ahead and make sure that you bring everything along that you will need. Riding on tubes is a blast, and it can go off without a hitch if you ensure that you pack everything. First things first: gather up the essentials. This would include the inner tube, a pump for inflating the inner tube, a towing rope or harness, and the boat of course! Finally, this activity is a whole lot of fun with a large group of people, so be sure to invite your family and friends along for the ride! Now that you have the essentials, you may want some other items. For example, it is in your best interest to pack some lifejackets, as well as a whistle for the rider to wear while being towed. That way, they can alert someone easily is they are uncomfortable or in danger.

Tips for Riders

The riders have the best part of all – they get to ride behind the boat while zooming in a towable tube! It is best if the riders know how to swim, but it is not essential. Non-swimmers may still enjoy the activity, but they need to take extra precautions and be sure to wear a lifejacket. The instructions are simple: hang on and have fun. Some people may prefer to go tubing in shallower waters, but you can do this at deeper depths as well. Remember that you will be bouncing around, so if you like to stay dry, you may be better staying on land.

Tips for Drivers

For those who are maneuvering the watercraft, be careful to listen for the rider’s whistles or signals. It is important to communicate with the rider before you get going, because then everyone is on the same page. They may not want to go too quickly, or perhaps they prefer to be in the shallow end. Make sure you both know how long the ride will last, and come up with a signaling system for communicating while you are out on the waters.

Now you are all set, so get out there and enjoy!

The riders have the best part of all – they get to ride behind the boat while zooming in a towable tube! WOW World of Watersports provides amazing shapes and sizes of boat towable tubes online, visit our website and check out all the designes.

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