Bathroom Remodeling for Elderly Live-Ins

According to the CDC, bathroom injuries are very common in elderly people. Whether you’re planning for your senior years or you’re moving an elderly parent into your home, there are certain Bathroom Remodeling jobs that will make the room safer and more accommodating for seniors. Some fixes are simple, and some require a contractor’s help-; but all depend on the mobility level of the person who will be using the room.

DIY Improvements

  • Grab bars around the toilet and shower can help an older person remain steady while standing, and wall bars should be parallel to the floor for safety.
  • Better lighting can help older people compensate for age-related vision loss. This job can be as simple as replacing a bulb or a fixture, but for more complicated electrical work, call a contractor.
  • Changing the door, drawer and shower hardware can make it easier for those with arthritic hands to open the doors and cabinets and to take a shower. You might also consider replacing faucets if the knobs are hard to turn.

Contractor Improvements

The above improvements are simple enough for you to do at home, but for more in-depth jobs, you’ll need the help of Business Name. Doors should be widened to 36″, allowing for the walker, scooter or wheelchair access. If your sink is less than 30″ from the floor, it should be raised to allow wheelchair users and those who can’t bend over to use the facilities. Nonslip flooring can prevent falls, and a higher toilet can allow elderly people to stand more easily.

Throw rugs should be removed and replaced with non-slip tile, to prevent falls upon entering or exiting the shower. Consider installing a thermostatic valve on your shower to prevent the water getting too hot, which can cause dangerous burns.

There are many dangers within the home, especially for elderly people. Falls and burns happen every day, but many of these accidents can be avoided with proper Bathroom Remodeling. By considering some of the additions mentioned above, you can make your bathroom safer not only for the oldest members of your family, but for everyone. You can like them on Facebook.

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