Bathroom Remodeling: Choosing Shower Doors in Milwaukee, WI

by | Mar 3, 2014 | Home Improvement

Most people take to remodeling their bathrooms and kitchen in order to improve the look and function of their homes. Remodeling your bathroom gives you the comfort and relaxation you need as you take your shower. Other than changing bathroom faucets and fixtures, you can also have a new bathroom door installed as part of your restoration plan. There are numerous types of Shower Doors in Waukesha WI that you can choose to buy.

Sliding Glass Doors

These are some of the common bathroom doors that you can have. Moving along a track, they are very appealing and convenient. Their availability in different designs also makes it possible to find a door that will meet your needs. However, they tend to leak and can be a little difficult to clean, especially the tracks.

Curved Glass Doors

If you have a corner shower, then a curved glass door is an ideal bathroom restoration idea. They do not only allow you access from both the left and right side of the shower, but also increase the shower space due to their curved nature.

Pivot Doors

These are traditional bathroom doors that open outwards. Normally hinged at the top and bottom, they can be ideal for a recessed standalone bathroom. Although they require a lot of space for them to open, you can customize them to open either to the left or right. Depending on the width of the shower opening, you can have a single or double door for your shower.

Frameless Doors

These doors are made of one large glass panel with no frame. They are contemporary shower doors that can be used with large and spacious bathrooms. However, since they are frameless, the glass used in making up these doors has to be strong enough to support itself.

Bi-Fold Doors

Although bi-fold Shower Doors in Milwaukee, WI are not that common, they can lend an elegant air to the room when used. They are normally characterized by two or more panels running on tracks that lead inside the shower. This way, they do not take up extra space and are ideal for showers where space is precious. However, they need to be opened and closed carefully to prevent twisting.

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