Basic Tips about Surround Sound Mixing

by | Mar 26, 2013 | Business Services

Surround sound audio has been around for many years. While it has mostly been a choice movie fanatics choose, it is making its comeback in the music and audio industry as well. This makes it possible for people in every industry to enhance even their music-related advertisements, jingles or corporate messages through both audio and visual methods.

Stay with High Quality

If you are investing in surround sound for your business efforts, chances are you are looking for high-quality sounds. When you are looking to get into surround sound mixing, the quality is no exception. You should always mix at the highest level possible, avoiding the breakdown of your files into MP3s because you will lose a great deal of the quality, which will be apparent in the surround sound as it fills your client’s room.

View the Room

When you are performing surround sound mixing, it is important to think of how your sounds hit the entire room because that is what they will eventually do. You should try to split up all instruments or other sounds that are similar, putting them in separate parts of the room to truly feel the entire mood of the promotion. The goal of using surround sound is to spread the music or sounds throughout the entire room, not overcrowding one area, losing the effectiveness and quality.

Use the Rear

Most audio is focused on the front speakers to truly get the sounds in front of the audience. When you are experimenting and moving your audio around the room, you should try something different and use the rear of the room. You can use the rear to send the special effects past the listeners and around the room or simply use it to include more sounds throughout the room to give the full experience of the sounds you are delivering.

Even though surround sound has been around for many years, it is quickly making a comeback in the audio sector. Businesses in all sectors are finding ways to truly mix their music and sounds to feel it throughout the entire room and give clients a full experience, rather than in just two speakers. Surround sound mixing has come a long way and is a great way to experiment with your promotions, getting the true feeling of what it should be throughout the room and gaining the attention of your clients.


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