Basement Waterproofing Charlotte, NC: What for?

In house construction, if you are a homeowner with enough budget, you can go for a basement instead of a crawl space. It is more expensive, but it does give your home an extra level to store things in or have extra room for another bedroom or family room. However, having a basement rather than a crawl space does not mean the house is safe from the problem that hounds crawl spaces. That’s right, moisture still finds its way into the basement and creates problems. With crawl spaces, you can either get a sealed crawl space, a crawl space encapsulation or simply use a sump pump to drain out water.  However, with a basement, basement waterproofing in Charlotte, NC, is what you need. Availing of this service will help you avoid the following disastrous problems for your home and family.

1. Damaged Foundation

Repairing the foundation of a house does not come cheap. Structural damage caused by moisture seeping into existing cracks or causing cracks on its own can definitely lower the value of your home. In fact, should you experience this problem and neglect to address it in its early stages, the walls of your basement could degrade and could make the house dangerous to live in.

2. Lower the Value of Your Home

Another significant problem that may arise from having structural damage to your home will be the lowering of the value of your home. If you are planning to sell your property eventually, this could turn out to be a real headache.

3. Pose Serious Health Risk

Not getting basement waterproofing in Charlotte, NC, will allow the growth of molds and bacteria in your basement. Moreover, it invites rodents to have their residence there. The presence of these can cause health problems for you and your family, especially for members of your household with a history of allergies and are therefore susceptible to catching diseases from exposure.

Being able to stay on top of these problems is definitely a plus for a homeowner. Dry Otter Waterproofing can give you their professional advice and services, which will definitely preserve the value of your home and extend its structural integrity well into the future.

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