Baseball is a very demanding sport

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Sports

To be successful in the sport of baseball, the player must subject himself to a host of physical fitness regimens. As well as workouts on a daily basis which are designed to enhance the player’s ability to run faster, hit harder and learn how to throw a baseball harder, the players must also undertake a sound dietary and nutritional program. During spring training and the active season, baseball players may eat five, six or even seven small meals daily, these meals are packed with protein, fruit and vegetables.

To play baseball well the athlete’s body must be tuned to play at peak performance for long time periods. Bulk is not the answer; baseball is very different than weight lifting although lifting weights is a part of the routine. Baseball forces the player to hone his entire body, the upper body for hitting and pitching strength and the lower body to aid in running and making defensive moves on field. When a pitcher is undergoing training and coaching on how to throw a baseball harder, it is the entire body that goes into increasing the velocity of the ball, not just the arm and shoulder.

During the course of a normal baseball game the players can find themselves in all kinds of positions; leaping, sliding and stretching are all part of what a player goes through. To ensure that the player stays fit and avoids injury, proper warm ups are necessary before the game. When you arrive early at the ballpark you will see the players walking, then breaking into a light jog for perhaps 15 minutes, this is essential to bring the heart rate up, to warm the body and to avoid cramping.

Although the entire body must be honed, the arms are vital to every player regardless of position. The outfielders must be able to throw the ball long distances with accuracy, the infielders must be able to throw the ball with great pace and the pitchers need to know how to throw a baseball harder and at the same time have the finesse that is required to throw sliders, curve balls and off speed pitches with great accuracy. You will see the players holding their arms above their heads, then to their sides, all the time slowly rotating, limbering their body for the game ahead of them.

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