Avoid Future Mold Growth with A Water Damage Restoration Service in Pocatello ID

by | Dec 9, 2019 | Restoration

A big problem that can occur after a home has been subject to flooding is mold. With homes that are subject to excessive humidity, mold is always a problem. However, homes that have recently been flooded are much more likely to develop mold issues and a great deal of this stems from inadequacies in repairing damage after a flood has taken place. In order to avoid this, you, as a homeowner, should consider hiring a reputable water damage restoration service in Pocatello ID to affect any repairs that need to be made to the inside of your home following a flood.

Mold will grow when there is a source of moisture and very little airflow. Moisture can be trapped in certain materials for a great deal of time without ever actually having the opportunity to evaporate and dry. This is a perfect breeding ground for mold.

Often times, after a flood, moisture will seep into carpeted surfaces as well as porous surfaces like insulation and drywall. The problem with these services is that they don’t allow for proper airflow and the moisture is trapped in these materials and that moisture soon grows into mold.

Mold can be extremely dangerous if left unattended. If mold has left to grow on its own, it can often times develop into toxic black mold, which not only can be fatal to young children and people with respiratory issues, but it can also seriously affect the health of even a perfectly healthy person.

In order to avoid these situations, after a flood you want to ensure that the water damage restoration service in Pocatello ID takes every step to properly dry the interior of your home before they make a determination as to what needs to be replaced and what can stay. This means not only surface water and moisture being dried, but drying that takes place inside the walls of your home, which helps this excessive moisture that can become trapped in insulation and drywall to be ventilated and evaporate.

Once the drying has been done, then a water damage restoration service in Pocatello ID can look at the scope of the damage and determine which areas of drywall installation will need to be replaced and what can be salvaged. This will not only help repair your home, but it will also mitigate your chances of future mold growth. For more information visit Henderson Restoration & Cleaning.

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