Avoid Canine Health Concerns with Regular Grooming in Lexington, KY

Many people take their dogs to the groomers strictly to keep up a specific aesthetic or style, but did you know that there are several health benefits to regularly scheduling grooming services for your four-legged friend? Not only does regular brushing evenly distribute natural oils for a healthier coat, but keeping your pups fur trimmed neatly can save them from a lot of irritation as well.

Keeping Your Pet Calm Through Stressful Procedures

Whether you have experienced the stress your dog typically feels when they have their nails trimmed, or you’ve always been afraid of what would happen if you made an appointment with a groomer, these professionals perform dog grooming in Lexington, KY, that will set your mind at ease. Each of the staff members is highly trained in practices that will put your pooch at ease while they are getting trimmed, clipped, washed and everything in between. Never again will you have to worry about your pet’s stress level while at the groomers.

Alleviate Itchy Skin Conditions

If your dog has been diagnosed with seborrhea or other noncontagious skin conditions that cause them to itch frequently due to dry or scaly skin, then a regular medicated bath would ease a lot of their irritation. Rather than allowing your dog to suffer from uncontrollable itching and flaking of the skin or an issue with an oily coat, bring them in for dog grooming in Lexington, KY, that includes a calming medicated bath to soothe their symptoms.

Contact Green Tree Animal Hospital at https://www.gtahvet.com/ to learn more about dog grooming and the other services they provide. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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