Automatic and Out-the-Front Knives Steal the Show Nearly Everywhere

If you were to go back in time and tell a seasoned collector that an OTF pocket knife design was going to outperform a fixed blade one in just a few years, then they’d probably laugh at you. That’s exactly what’s happened at a number of major knife collecting shows, however. Vendors who offer auto knives for sale have proven that many of their designs are actually capable of standing up to just as much damage as a traditional fixed blade knife without suffering a catastrophic handle failure.

Since automatic blades have a joint in them by definition, they’ve often been looked at as having a prominent point of failure. Those who take a closer look at modern auto knives for sale are going to see that engineers have taken the time to correct this problem by increasing the overall structural integrity of the folding mechanism on these knives. Since they’ve added reinforcements without requiring users to apply any more torque in order to open the knife, designers have ensured that their latest blades can actually hold up to a substantial amount of pressure.

Though many collectors are still going to add fixed blade designs to their bugout bags, there’s no reason why they should shy away from modern automatic knives. They’ve proven themselves quite useful in field applications. Since they open with a simple gesture, they’re not even going to get in the way of those who have to make intricate movements outdoors.

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