Auto Accidents And Illinois Law

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Attorney

The United States is a land where the automobile is the main form of transportation. Every year, fatal crashes occur. In Illinois, the total fatal number of accidents in 2015 by the end of August had risen by more than 48 over the previous year. In Belvidere, an auto accident attorney is very aware of the results of collisions and crashes. He or she deals with them every single day.

What an Auto Accident Attorney Knows

There are many problems that arise in the aftermath of a car crash. This is true whether the accident results in injuries or is fatal. An auto accident attorney is aware of all the consequences – physical, financial, emotional and psychological that such a horrendous event can have on those involved. The lawyer who specializes in auto accidents is also thoroughly versed in what will happen unless those affected understand fully the nature of the law.

When it comes to handling the cases locally in Belvidere, it is important to understand what will be pertinent to the incident. It is necessary to understand certain aspects of Illinois law regarding auto accidents and their resultant injuries. An auto accident attorney will know specifically about two significant aspects of law and how to handle them appropriately. These are Comparative Fault and the Statute of Limitations

Comparative Fault in Auto Accidents

An auto accident attorney will discuss with his or her client the rule of comparative fault. In Illinois, the law states that you can be held to be partially responsible for the damage and injuries that result from the car accident. It is up to your lawyer to ensure no lame is placed upon you. However, if you are nevertheless partially responsible for the results, you may still recover some form of compensation. If your lawyer can prove the other party was more negligent, you may still be able to collect a certain sum for the damages you suffer. It will not be the entire sum requested, as some money will be subtracted for your culpability, but it will amount to a certain percentage of the total.

The Statute of Limitations

The Statute of Limitations is the term applied to the deadline for submitting the documents. I tis the time allotted to file the evidence and other materials in your case. Your auto accident attorney completely understands the specifics. He or she knows that in Illinois in such places as Belvidere, the specified time is two years following the occurrence of the incident. This applies only to a suit for personal injury. If property damage is involved, the plaintiff has up to five years to file.

Why Hire an Auto Accident Attorney?

Auto accidents can be devastating in so many ways. They place an emotional, physical and financial strain upon all those harmed by it. Filing a lawsuit may be able to reduce the stress. Yet, if you want the suit to be successful, it is important to choose someone who is aware of the state laws and understand the implications in such places as Belvidere. Before you do anything at all, consult a qualified and reputable specialist in the field – an auto accident attorney

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