Auschwitz Survivors and Their Migration to New York City: Notable Stories

“Your tired, your poor, and your huddled masses…”; that’s what it says on the plaque on the Statue of Liberty. It greets immigrants and people seeking refuge from all lands. Perhaps it’s even more meaningful for those seeking asylum from their home countries where war and war crimes make it impossible for them to live. That is essentially the basis of many stories involving Auschwitz survivors. Many an Auschwitz survivor at the end of the second world war did not return to the homes they had before the war and before they were sent to Auschwitz by the Germans. Instead, they came to America. There are many Auschwitz survivor books, and each is an incredible tale of the human spirit. One of these Auschwitz survivor books features Siggi Wilzig. Here’s why you may want to own a copy of Siggi Wilzig’s story.

A Jewish Cinderella Tale

Rags to riches is always a story people want to read. It’s especially endearing when the hero or heroine has lived through something truly and horrifyingly awful. That is the story of Siggi Wilzig. He lived through his time at Auschwitz prison camp, a camp known for its experiments and horrors, only to become one of the wealthiest immigrants in America. It is definitely a Jewish Cinderella story.

It Inspires

While you may be fascinated by the stories of other Jewish Holocaust survivors, not many inspire in the way that Mr. Wilzig’s story does. It triumphs over so much tragedy. Buy your copy today by visiting Unstoppable Siggi at their website.

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