Attorneys in Hemet, California Help Clients File Social Security Disability Claims and Appeal Denials

To qualify for Social Security disability payments, a person must prove he or she cannot work full-time. This is a distinct problem, as evidenced by the Administration choosing to reject the majority of initial claims for disability benefits. An applicant can hire Attorneys in Hemet California to help with the initial filing or to assist after that first claim has been denied.

Arthritic Knees

Social Security Administration representatives tend to have a difficult time believing that applicants cannot do sedentary work. For instance, they receive an application from someone whose knees are so arthritic that continuing to work as a nursing assistant is impossible. But, the representatives believe this individual should be able to work at a desk or another position that does not require much standing or walking. Attorneys in Hemet California know how to prove the case with the right medical documentation and confirmation from other sources, if necessary.

In the case of arthritic knees, the doctor may verify that the person cannot sit with the knees bent for several hours. It may be very difficult for the individual to find a job with a workstation allowing the legs to remain straight while seated most of the day. At home, this person might spend most of the time sitting in a recliner or with feet up on a footstool.


The Administration may dispute disability related to other medical conditions as well. A fibromyalgia patient, for example, may not be able to manage full-time work because of chronic painful muscles. Since not everyone in the medical establishment has accepted that this condition is physically real and not psychosomatic, trying to prove the case can be an uphill battle.

An Independent Medical Exam

The applicant may be asked to participate in an independent medical exam paid for by the agency. This person may be understandably wary about the process and worry the doctor is expected to side with the government. A lawyer such as Eric R. Hunt can provide insight on this step of the process and even accompany the client to the appointment. Contact details can be found at

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