Arrested? Call a Bail Bondsman in City Oklahoma

Getting out of jail is the goal of every defendant awaiting trial. After they plead innocent or guilty at their arraignment hearing, the judge will determine if they are eligible for bail. Judges are afraid that some defendants won’t show up for trial if they are allowed to post bail. Other defendants are not granted bail, because they are deemed to be so dangerous that their release is considered a threat to public safety. All other defendants are allowed to post bail. Very few have the money to do this themselves, so they have to hire a bail bondsman in Elk City Oklahoma.

Often they have to have their parents or spouse make the phone call to the bail bond company. This can be a very stressful task. People are afraid that the bail bondsman will yell at them or think they are terrible people. They are always very relieved when they find that they are treated with compassion and understanding. Bail bondsmen are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They are very knowledgeable about the legal system and can explain many things to confused family members.

Usually bail bond companies are located very close to the jail. Therefore they can be there in minutes to work with the defendant. Usually the defendant has to be ready to post about 10 percent of the bail amount and pay a fee. Not all bond companies charge the same fee. Therefore if money is an issue they should call several and compare costs. bail bondsman accept checks and credit cards in addition to cash. Many will also create a payment plan for the defendant.

The defendant has to fill out a detailed bond application. All questions have to be answered completely. In addition to providing their name and address all defendants have to provide their street names and aliases. They have to describe their tattoos and the bail bondsman may even take pictures of them. The names and address of close relatives and friends have to be provided as well. If they leave out anything or lie, it’s a felony. Bail can be revoked, they land back in jail, and they have another charge to deal with.

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