Are You Seeking Neck Pain Treatment in Boone, IA?

Are you seeking medical help for your neck? Have you taken pain medicine for relief? Does it leave you feeling woozy? If so, you should contact a chiropractor to obtain the relief you need. Today, chiropractic medicine is supported by prestigious organizations such as the American College of Physicians. The organization believes that non-pharmacologic therapies should be tried before pain medicines are prescribed.

A Popular Chiropractic Service

That is why neck pain treatment in Boone, IA is popular in chiropractic circles. Chiropractors know how to provide the needed therapies so the neck functions properly. If the spinal column is misaligned, it can affect how the neck functions. After all, the neck and spinal column are linked. Therefore, any misalignment can make a big difference.

What the Research Says

Research done in 2017, including a published review, showed that spinal manipulation reduces lower back pain and provides a clear benefit for neck pain treatment patients. If you feel that you suffer from too many headaches or you have pain problems with your neck or back, don’t rely solely on pain medicine.

Adjunctive Treatments in the Chiropractic Field

Innovations in the chiropractic field, including manual adjustments, make it possible for a patient to receive pure pain relief from a back or neck pain treatment plan. For example, some adjunctive therapies may include the use of cold laser technology for reducing inflammation or electrotherapy, which is a treatment that targets soft tissue injuries by stimulating muscles and nerves.

Find a Holistic Approach First Before Resorting to Pain Medicines

You can also gain relief from ultrasound, which is an imaging technology that can also be used to massage swollen and painful joints and soft tissues. You have it in your power to gain the needed pain relief through a chiropractic treatment plan. Begin by visiting a clinic such as Ames Chiropractic & Wellness Center, PLLC. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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