Are You Looking for New Tires? Here Are the 4 Most Common Options

With numerous types of tires from which to choose, picking the right discount tire near Brighton Park is difficult. Your choice will depend on your driving habits and the type of car or truck you own. While some types, such as mud and snow tires, serve specific purposes, all-season and all-terrain tires are well-suited to most conditions. Read on to learn about the different types of tires available at a tire shop near you.

All-Season Tires
These are the everyman of the tire world. All-season tires offer adequate traction in the rain and in normal driving conditions as well as a smooth and quiet ride. They’re resistant to wear, but they don’t perform so well in the snow and dirt.

Snow Tires
If there’s a heavy snowfall, snow tires are the right choice. From their aggressive tread patterns to the compounds from which they’re made, snow tires are engineered for cold-weather performance. Unlike conventional rubber, which hardens as the temperature drops, winter tires get softer, allowing for better traction on the ice and snow.

All-Terrain Tires
These are much like all-season tires, except that they offer better traction on dirt and in the snow. There’s a bit of a compromise to be made, though; the tread may wear out faster than expected. All-terrain tires’ tread is usually more aggressive and more likely to cup or wear unevenly.

Mud Tires
If you’re driving an off-road vehicle, mud tires may be the best choice. They offer an extremely aggressive tread pattern as well as better traction in the snow and in deep mud. The tread allows for mud dispersal without loss of traction, but these tires are sometimes noisy and expensive.

From mud tires to all-terrain tires, there’s a tire for every occasion and need. With this information, you’ll know what to look for before you shop for new tires. Visit us today to learn more, or you can call VIP Tire Corporation to shop for a discount tire near Brighton Park.

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