Are You Getting Your 24hPoker Rakeback?

If you enjoy playing poker at the 24hPoker website we just want to know one thing. We want to know if you are taking full advantage of the 24hPoker rakeback program to get a little, or a lot, of extra money into your account every month.

If this sounds like something that seems to be too good to be true then we are going to assume that you haven’t signed up for the benefits and opportunities that are waiting for you through the 24hPoker rakeback program. With just a bit of explanation you will come to understand why casinos are giving you some of your money back for playing poker at their website.

How 24hPoker Rakeback Works

Each online casino sets up its own rakeback program and some are more complex and difficult to understand than others. We like the 24hPoker rakeback because it is simple yet it provides opportunities for even a modest player to quickly start to earn some significant potential extra income from their wagers.

The rake is the amount taken by the house, the online poker site, as a small percentage of every ante for every hand. Poker, unlike other casino games, doesn’t provide the house the opportunity to collect when players lose, so this is the casino’s take of each hand.

The rakeback is then a percentage of the rake that the casino returns to the players based on how much they play per month and how much they put into the ante. The percentage can run from a low of 4% to a high of 30% through the 24hPoker rakeback program.

The Levels

The 24hPoker rakeback program follows the casino Loyalty Program levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You have to play so much per month to equal the minimum number of points for that level to earn that 24hPoker rakeback percentage.

The casino even makes it easier for you to keep track of as the ratio is 10 VIP points for every dollar that the casino earns in rake fees from the table. Remember, you are going to need to sign up for this program with us and then your account will link with your casino account so you can start earning your 24hPoker rakeback program rewards.

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