Are There Strange Noises in Your House? You Likely Need a Local Exterminator in Peachtree City GA!

If you’ve been hearing strange noises in your house, you might wonder what’s going on. Is it a squatter? Maybe it’s a ghost!
In reality, it’s probably mice. For their tiny size, mice can make some surprisingly loud sounds. These sounds often take the form of knocks, bangs, or even human-like footsteps. Just how the rodents make these noises is a mystery, but the fact is that the sounds will almost certainly stop after you call a local exterminator.

Mice leave other evidence of their presence besides their sounds. If you’ve ever stayed up extremely late, you might have seen a small dark shadow or two run across the floor or near a wall. When you see this, it’s probably not a hallucination. Mice get very bold after they’ve been in a house for a couple of months, and they’ll come right out when the time is right. They only seem like dark blurs because you didn’t expect to see anything, so your eyes didn’t get a chance to properly focus before the mouse had run back out of sight.

Of course, mice also leave more traditional signs that it’s time to call local exterminators in Peachtree City GA like Turin Pest Control. Tiny black droppings are a dead giveaway. Nesting materials are a similarly obvious sign. Look for both in kitchen drawers, storage boxes, and similar small, enclosed places. Mice enjoy those areas because they feel safe there and are protected from drafts. You may also find caches of bird seed or other favorite rodent foods in your drawers.

When an exterminator comes out, he will most likely place poison baits for the mice to eat. If you have pets or young kids, the baits will be hidden within containers that nothing larger than a mouse can access. This will make sure that the mice get to eat the poison and that other creatures remain safe. Once the mice feel comfortable approaching the bait, your infestation will be on the fast track to history. Soon, your house will be nice and quiet again, and you won’t see any strange things in the night. You also won’t find any more nasty surprises in your drawers!

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