Apartment Hunting in Gramercy

Some people like to live in new buildings, even when they move to a historic district. The good news is that Gramercy offers both historic properties and brand new apartments. When you are ready to start looking for new apartments, Gramercy has many to offer you.

Park District

Gramercy Park is an upscale area of Manhattan that is known for its historic buildings. It’s probably most well-known for Gramercy Park itself, the only private park left in the City. Only people living in surrounding homes or visiting the Gramercy Park Hotel can access this rustic park. This park is a place for relaxation and contemplation in nature. There are no playground structures, and Frisbee playing and dog-walking are not permitted within the park.

The good news is that there are other parks and green spaces in the district that you can visit at your leisure. Living near green spaces has been shown to improve the mental health of residents, allowing them to relax and recharge.

Historic District

This area was one of the first residential neighborhoods in Manhattan. You can see the history in the buildings of Gramercy. Some of the buildings were designed by the leading architects of the day. You can see many different styles of historic homes and buildings. Living around so much history is sure to inspire you.

New Apartments

Gramercy Park is still a highly sought after area to live. It makes sense, because Gramercy has a lot to offer. Many people choose to live in the area because of its proximity to many subway lines for easy commuting to other parts of Manhattan. There are good schools in the neighborhood and lots of activities to keep you busy.

For new apartments, Gramercy has become known for offering luxury apartments with all the trimmings. Some properties have concierge services, just like a hotel. You can also find fully equipped fitness centers, game rooms, and other amenities.

Living in a new building in this district is a great option if you like the finer things. You can enjoy the history of the area while still having all the modern amenities available to you.

When you are ready to look for new apartments, Gramercy should definitely be on your shortlist!



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