Anti-Bribery and Corruption Training-An Ethical Responsibility

Anti-bribery and corruption training is an ethical responsibility that all corporate entities should ascribe too. There are a couple of facts when it comes to bribery and corruption that many people may not be aware of.  Sometimes the corporate world can fall into the “common sense” model of thinking which can be very dangerous. When you have a workforce of different cultures and backgrounds you cannot expect that everyone will be able to recognize bribery, corrupt behaviors or the threat and impact of the same.  Teaching ethical responsibility can be as easy as providing the right training.

The Ethical Thing to Do
If you want to create a company culture where ethics is always in the forefront in most cases the best way to approach that is through training. There is no way to know what every person in the company has been exposed to or what they have learned, making it clear what the expectation is for your company will remove any doubt about what bribery is and how corruption can take hold.

The Breaches
Aside from sending a clear message about what is acceptable and what is not, this training is very important to the wellness of the company. Accusations of bribery and corruption can:
*Impact the company’s reputation
*Affect profits
*Open the firm to liable cases

It can be very difficult to recover from the negative impact of accusations of bribery and corruption. The company may never be able to restore their reputation which of course will affect every member of the organization. Profits could take a nose dive and the firm can easily be open too liable and litigation.  It is far easier to invest in the training and ensure that unethical behavior can be recognized by every employee.

Interactive Services can help you to customize a suite of training that will ensure everyone is working above board.

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