Answering FAQ’s to Alarm Companies in New York City, NY

Crime in the larger cities does not seem to be dissipating. Individuals are still having their homes broken into. Business security is still being breached. Because situations do not seem to be heading in the direction of getting safer, beefing up security measures is a must. Among Alarm Companies in New York City, NY, there is a company who installs and monitors security systems that wants to answer frequently asked questions that anxious customers/clients have about their security systems.

* There are times when your motion detector activates falsely. The reasons for this vary, so say the alarm companies. It could be an improper positioning of your motion detector, such as too close to a heater or furnace. It could also be because there are things in the range of the detector that is being picked up, such as blinds or curtains.

* Another question asked was about the alarm system not communicating properly. This could simply be a faulty issue in the telephone system through which your alarm system is functioning.

* Some people got curious and wanted to know what would happen if they press the panic or fire button on their alarm. Pressing and holding either of these buttons for 1 to 3 seconds would send a signal to the alarm system provider that cannot be canceled. Emergency services would be dispatched immediately.

* A really big concern from a lot of customers was what happened with the alarm system in the case of electrical power failure. A back up battery in the alarm system will prevent the system from also losing power. It will keep the system working for several hours until electrical power can be restored.

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