Announce Your Next Event With Nonprofit Direct Mail

As a nonprofit, budgets are always a concern, so making the most of your nonprofit direct mail campaigns is essential. There are several factors a nonprofit organization should consider to help to maximize their exposure to just the right group of people.

Many people on nonprofit boards and committees make the suggestion to move towards exclusively advertising events, fundraisers and activities via online options. This may include your website, email newsletters and even social media, but these options only hit a small number of your potential target audience. In addition to those very low-cost options for marketing, you need to continue to include a nonprofit direct mail element to any successful marketing campaign.

Streamline Your Mail Program

There are several ways you can streamline your nonprofit direct mail campaign to hit the right households, businesses, and people. The goal is to carefully choose the target audience, and then work with a direct mailing service who can deliver your mailers to that group.

Depending on the type of event you may want to consider demographics by age, income, interests, nonprofits supported by the individual, or even by geographic location. This will allow you to target those most likely to respond to your nonprofit direct mail program.

Recognize Past Participants

Your current list of subscribers, contributors, volunteers and supporters should always be included in a direct mail campaign for nonprofit groups, agencies and organizations. This is a nice personal touch, and it helps to continue to keep that connection between your organization and the people supporting it.

Many nonprofits choose to use a nonprofit direct mail tiered system where past contributors or supporters may receive a personalized letter, brochure and envelope while more general direct mail may be a postcard or a brochure only.

Be Strategic

The top companies offering nonprofit direct mail services are invaluable resources to utilize. Not only will these services have ways to help you to target just the people you want to see your announcement and information, but they can provide suggestions for everything from design to the timing of mail outs.

If you were tempted to advertise exclusively online for your next nonprofit event to cut costs, consider what you will be missing. There is still a very real need for nonprofit direct mail campaigns to reach supporters, volunteers, and interested people in any community.

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