An Emergency Dentist in Lakewood Can Save a Broken Tooth

Oh, no! You’ve had an accident and lost a tooth. Or perhaps your child falls down the stairs and breaks off part of a tooth. Are these teeth permanently lost or broken? Are you condemned to a life keeping your lips closed when you smile? Not if you can get to an Emergency Dentist in Lakewood right away. If the missing tooth is part of dental implants, then you have a little more time to get to the dentist, but do not put it off. A little inconvenience now can save a lot of aggravation later.

Find the Tooth

If a tooth has been knocked out, it can sometimes be reattached to the gum if it’s replaced within one hour of getting knocked out. Cary the tooth as carefully as possible. Do not try to clean the tooth because you may remove valuable tissues that can help the tooth reattach to the mouth. If only part of a tooth has broken off, don’t despair. Get the broken part and give it to the dentist. There still may be a chance that the broken tooth can be fixed.

Place in Milk

It’s best to place the tooth or tooth part in a small container of milk. This will help keep the tooth stable. Do not place broken dental implants or bridges in milk. You can place them in a small sandwich bag or whatever clean container you have at hand. Visit Lakewood NJ Family Dental  for more information.

Reducing Pain and Swelling

Depending on how severe the injury to the mouth is, the pain can be considerable. Even grown men will weep with the pain. A good old ice cube can help the swelling and numb the pain. If the cold starts to burn, place the ice pack or ice cube outside of the mouth on the cheek. Over the counter painkillers can also help with pain management. If there are other bodily injuries, then consider going to the emergency room rather than the dentist. There may be other issues involved than just a broken tooth. Blows to the head can cause concussions. Symptoms of concussions may not appear until 24 hours after the initial blow to the mouth or head. Click here       

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