Allow the Dentists in Chicago IL to Give You a New Crown

When damage occurs in your tooth, it can cause major problems. Damage can be caused by a variety of issues, like cavities and injuries. If you experience damage to your tooth, you could end up with structural issues. When the structure of a tooth becomes compromised, this can cause it to be prone to damage. You could end up breaking your tooth simply from trying to eat normally. To avoid further damage and protect your tooth, it can help to have a crown put in place. Through the Dentists in Chicago IL, you can have a crown placed over your tooth, so you can avoid loss.

How Do the Dentists in Chicago IL Place a Crown Over Your Tooth?

If your dentist has informed you of your need for a crown, you will come in and have the procedure done in the dental office. Most crowns are put on teeth under a local anesthetic. You will first need to have an impression created of your tooth. This impression will be sent to the dental lab, where your crown will be created. In some dental offices, there is an on-site lab. This will allow you to be given your crown on the same day. If your crown is created in an outside lab, you will be sent home with a temporary plastic crown, until your permanent crown is finished.

To prepare your tooth for the crown, the dentist will shape it. The shape your dentist creates will depend on the type of crown you are getting. Most of the newer crowns, especially the metal alloy versions, require less invasion of your tooth structure than ever before. The goal of shaping will be to get the tooth to fit in snugly inside the crown. Once your tooth is shaped, the crown is cemented into place and you will be able to wear it for about seven years, with proper care.

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