All You Need To Know About Septic Pumping In Maui

The septic tank is the most intricate and important system of residential or commercial property. It is located underground and aids in the elimination of waste-water from your property. Many appliances depend on an efficient septic tank system to function properly. For instance, your dishwasher, washing machine, toilets, showers or sinks are connected to the septic system which empties the waste-water to the septic tank. Given the key functions of septic tanks, ensure Septic Pumping in Maui experts come to your aid whenever need arises so as to enjoy efficiency.

What happens in the septic tank before septic pumping?

Anything flushed down the drain in your home or commercial property goes to the underground septic tank through an inlet. The next step is a complete breakdown of waste and its separation. Any heavy items, going through the drain sink right to the bottom to form sludge. The scum that floats on top is formed from organic matter. Once the waste is completely broken down, pumping becomes much easier.

Brief explanation of the septic pumping process

Once a septic tank is about to overflow, the septic pumping company brings over a pump truck. The contents of the tanks are emptied into the pump truck using a drain pipe attached to the truck. Everything in the septic tank including the sludge and the scum is completely drained, leaving it empty. The pump truck delivers the contents of your septic tank to the waste treatment center for effective disposal.

How often should septic pumping take place?

The septic tank should be pumped at least every three years. However, there are some determinants that may change this time-line accordingly. They include:

* The number of people living in a residential or commercial property. A septic tank will fill up faster if there are many people using facilities that are connected to the septic tank.

* The amount of solids draining into the septic tank. If more solids are pushed down the drain, the septic tank will require regular pumping because of blockage.

* The size. Septic tanks come in different sizes. Therefore, smaller septic tanks require more regular pumping.

septic pumping in Maui is a technical process that requires the knowledge and expertise of professionals. Do not attempt to do septic tank pumping personally because it may lead to damage of the septic pipes or the whole system. Visit to schedule septic tank pumping solutions.

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