Aerospace Machining is Using More Titanium in its Designs

The way that aircrafts are being designed today necessitates that aerospace machining operator’s use titanium as a metal when crafting aerospace parts. Therefore, titanium is supplanting aluminum as the preferred material when making parts in the industry.

As a result, aerospace machining has taken on more production challenges in this respect. However, current technologies also make it more cost-effective to use computerized CNC tools to shape the intricate designs that are required for aerospace components. Using advanced technologies ensures that aircraft design companies will use precision parts with the utmost in safety in mind.

How CNC Equipment is Used

Therefore, aerospace machining today involves the use of advanced CNC milling, CNC turning, and grinding equipment. These kinds of machines are also used for a variety of other materials, including powdered metal, plastic, steel alloys, castings, and extrusions. Assembly applications and deburring are also included in the manufacturing and part-making processes.

Using CAD Data

Using CAD data, engineers, and operators can develop specialized fixturing, gauging, and tooling, thereby reducing the operational time it takes for creating an initial prototype to fully assembling a part. A CAD/CAM system can apply applications off-line while downloading files to share with operators on a shop floor. Updated technologies allow aerospace machining professionals to even translate files from other applications as well.

Modern machining applications then are utilized to set up analysis standards and develop control planning for the tracking of dimensional attributes during each process. Quality control is also vitally important when aerospace machining is utilized.

Optimizing Quality and Efficiency

Engineering companies systematically monitor the total manufacturing process to maximize the quality and efficiency of aerocraft parts. By using full inspection capacities, operators have the ability to produce parts that conform to the defined standards of quality that are needed by such customers as the U.S. Military.

High-tech Amenities

When it comes to using CNC equipment for various machining methods, a variety of high-tech CNC milling machines are chosen for the process. For example, some CNC milling machines feature such amenities as a machining table, as well as, a 21-tool capacity with a fast operational speed. New machines are nicely integrated with PC technology. As a result, many machines possess a metal-to-metal tool change time of just mere seconds.

An Amazing Transformation – Thanks to Computerization

As you can see, machining has taken on a whole new dimension with respect to CNC milling and production. Because of PC upgrades, and the addition of software, CAD/CAM designs can become transformed into realizable working parts in just a short matter of time.

When computer applications are used, machining produces parts that are safer, and more precise. So, if you are an engineer, or owner of a parts-making facility, you will want to check out how technologically upgraded systems can benefit your manufacturing objectives.

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