Advantages of Using Overseas Parcel Delivery Services

When searching for overseas parcel delivery services, it is important to choose a company that offers many beneficial services, such as experience with customs, tracking, money savings, packaging, safety and reliability. Many people do not consider all the ways that a courier can help you, but there are many advantages to using overseas couriers.


Whether business or personal, you want to ensure your parcel delivery is on time. You need to know if something is going to be delayed so that you can inform your customers or the recipient. In many cases, a signature is required to receive the goods, so informing recipients when the parcel will arrive is important.

Customers want their items immediately and while that isn’t possible with overseas shipping and other forms of shipping, it is important to keep them updated by tracking the progress of your parcel.


Shipping anything overseas requires some type of customs clearance, even if you are shipping a handmade sweater. Having courier services that offer specialists with knowledge of customs formalities in many countries is important. Many times, these couriers can offer pre-clearance by speaking with customs agents prior to your parcel arriving, making it easier to clear customs and have delivery of your items sooner.


Many shipping companies require a clearing agent, such as a postal service to be used. This means that your items are delivered to a specific point and the parcel is then picked up by the recipient. This costs a lot of extra time and money because people cannot immediately receive their packages and you have to pay a middle man. Instead, consider delivery services that go right to the door of recipients and businesses to deliver the items.


While most people and businesses prefer to pack their own parcels with their own materials, the courier you select should offer state-of-the-art packaging options to secure and protect items throughout its journey. Many couriers will also offer packaging through their warehouse, so you drop off the items you wish to ship with all the required documentation so they can pack them properly, seal them and send them on their way.

Consider packaging that can withstand weather conditions and that is made with reinforced cardboard to handle even the heaviest of parcels. Ensure the company you choose protects goods properly by shrink-wrapping the items and strapping them down firmly and safely.

Using overseas parcel delivery services are a great way to help with packaging, tracking and customs. Consider Fastway Worldwide Express India.

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