Advantages of Post Frame Construction in Sandpoint, ID

Post Frame Construction in Sandpoint ID refers to the process of engineering wood-framed buildings that can be constructed using a wide variety of exterior materials. These buildings blend superior efficiency with flexibility and strength to offer a wide variety of advantages to customers. Read on to find out about just a few of them.

Fast Assembly

One of the primary advantages of post frame buildings is that they can be constructed much more quickly than other types of building. These buildings can be constructed during just about any time of year as the frames can be installed prior to adding the concrete foundation, making it possible to complete building construction much more quickly.

More Affordable

Since post frame buildings can be constructed quickly and easily, they incur fewer labor costs, especially if there is no need for a poured concrete foundation. Plus, the treated wood used for framing is generally much cheaper than brick, steel, and concrete. Even property owners that choose to use steel for siding or roofing will find that using wood post frames can significantly lower their material costs.

Enhanced Strength

Post Frame Construction in Sandpoint ID creates buildings that are much stronger than the alternatives. This is largely because these buildings are extremely stable thanks to the installation of columns all the way around the building and the horizontal grits that connect the post columns together. Post frame buildings are able to withstand even excessive wind, snow, and other extreme elements.

More Flexibility

Post frame construction offers an efficient solution to adding extensions to buildings and creating custom designs. Since the frames do not require interior walls for support, it also offers the possibility of open floor plans that would be difficult to achieve via other means. Support columns only need to be placed every six to eight feet apart, so extra doors and windows can be added easily post-construction.

Get Started Today

Anyone interested in learning more about post frame construction will find that there is no shortage of information available on this popular construction method. A dedicated contractor isn’t always as easy to find, though. Visit Town & Country Builders Inc for information about one local company that can help.

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