Advantages of Early Maintenance on a System for Air Conditioning in Phoenix

As the summer season begins to approach it is a good time for a homeowner to spend time making sure their Air Conditioning Phoenix is in good repair and will be able to keep their home cool throughout the upcoming hot weather. By taking care of this type of work well before the unit will be in use on a daily basis, a homeowner can ensure they have sufficient time and resources to have any issues corrected in plenty of time.

Most technicians from an air conditioning repair company, like Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc will want to begin repairs by checking the air filter on the system. The air filter needs to be checked regularly to ensure it is kept clean enough for air to pass through it. If it is too dirty, the cooled air will still be produced, it will just not move from the unit and into the home. This can put a terrible drain on the system and cause energy costs to rise significantly. Checking the air filter can help eliminate this issue. In addition, the blower where the air filter is contained should also be vacuumed inside and out.

Once the unit is cleaned, the motor should be inspected and oiled. Many new units may not need oil as the bearings inside the motor are sealed and do not require additional lubrication. The technician will want to check the motor on a system for Air Conditioning Phoenix to make sure it is not showing any signs of scorching, burning, or other damage. The wiring should be checked for deterioration or loose wires, which may present a fire danger. The electrical connections to the motor should also be inspected to make sure they are secure.

The motor is generally attached to the fan of the system by a fan belt. This fan belt can become damaged or show signs of wear very easily. Fan belts are easy and inexpensive to replace so this should be handled at the first sign of problems. The fan will also need to be evaluated to make sure it is in good repair. If it is not, it will require replacement. Otherwise, the fan and the path it follows when it rotates should be cleaned of any type of debris or other matter. Click here for more details.

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