Adult Braces – Seriously!!!

In the past, children who grew up with crooked, misshapen and misaligned teeth really did not have a choice when they became an adult. They could remove them all, replacing them with dentures or simply get used to themselves. Today, there are options for obtaining that coveted smile. Among the more popular and increasingly common ones are adult braces. In Minneapolis, professionals state you can never be too late to get the smile of your dreams.

According to the professionals who prepare patients for adult braces at Kottemann Orthodontics in Minneapolis, almost half of all their clients interested in braces are not children but adults. Very few of them are concerned about any social stigma. In fact, technology and social changes have made sure the days of being called “metal mouth” are essentially dead. In fact, wearing adult braces in Minneapolis is a commonplace action.

Why Adult Braces?
Adult braces in Minneapolis are becoming the norm for any number of reasons. One of the major reasons adults are turning to orthodontists to straighten their teeth is based on their childhood experience. As a child, many of the parents of these adults could not afford to pay for braces. Today, the situation has changed. The adult can now put down the money required to get what he or she feels they have been denied – that perfect celebrity smile.

There are, of course, other reasons why individuals are now opting for braces. They vary from person to person. The most common ones are:

*Technology: It has produced newer and less bulky and conspicuous braces
Less pain: This is now associated with wearing braces – both physical and emotional
*Health Reasons: The misalignment of teeth can result in an increased risk of plaque and bacteria build-up
*Professional Reasons: A better smile may help them increase their chances of being hired for or advancing in specific fields of employment
*Social Reasons: Research indicates people feel a perfect smile is more attractive to potential mates and friends than the alternative
*Personal Reasons: Smiles are also associated with increased self-esteem and confidence

Adult Braces in Minneapolis
People want to look and feel their best. They want to be able to smile with confidence and ease. Current technology makes it possible for them to accomplish this. At Kottemann Orthodontics, professionals will talk to you about the best way to achieve your goal. Whether it is through wearing traditional braces or the clear aligners, an orthodontist is there to help you find what you want for what you can afford to get the perfect smile you have been dreaming of.

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