Accessing Free Government Cell Phones in Wisconsin

Staying in touch with family, friends, and employers is essential in today’s world. People also need access to the internet to send emails, use online tools, and find the information they need. For low-income families and individuals in Wisconsin, this can be a challenge with the high costs of standard phone service providers.

The Lifeline Assistance Program provides free government cell phones to qualifying residents of Wisconsin to address this issue. Originally launched in 1985 to help low-income families manage landline or home phone service, the program now provides free government smartphones and plans.

A Simple Application

It is a simple process to find out if you qualify for free government cell phones. The online application can be completed in person at the provider’s retail stores or by calling in and talking to a representative.

The individual applying for free government smartphones must show proof of residency in the state and government-issued identification. In addition, the individual must qualify under the criteria set forth by the Lifeline program.

Qualification and Eligibility

To qualify for free government smartphones, individuals must be utilizing a current government assistance program or have a total household income of 135% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines.

The qualifying government assistance programs include SNAP, SSI, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing Assistance/Section 8, Veterans Pension or Survivors Pension, or one of the eligibility programs for residents of tribal lands.

Once the application is approved, individuals will receive their free government smartphone and be able to use all the functions and features to stay connected.

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