A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Palatine: Why Settlement is better than Going to Trial

In most states, the law provides a room for the plaintiff to negotiate for a lump sum settlement instead of receiving weekly permanent disability payments. However, since the workers’ settlement can be very tricky, you should strongly consider talking to a Workers Compensation Lawyer Palatine about the kind of settlement you qualify for. He will also advise you accordingly on what fair settlement amount would be suitable for someone with your medical impairments. Visit the Therman Law Offices Palatine for details.

Note that any employee with a work-related injury or illness qualifies for getting workers comp benefits regardless of who was at fault. So in exchange for these definite benefits, the employee should give some rights to sue the employer in the court for damages for those injuries.

In cases where a worker became permanently disabled, the Workers Compensation Lawyer in Palatine will push for fair disability payments as well as medical care. He will also help in settling any amounts that is disputed, unreimbursed medical expenses and any past-due disability payments. A lawyer can also help you to negotiate a structured settlement with the insurance company in which you will be getting payments over a certain period.

If for whatever reasons you don’t want to accept your worker’s insurance comp, and then you have two options:

*    You can file a case against the insurance company to try to win a lump-sum payment that is higher than what the insurance company was willing to offer or higher weekly payments.

*    You can choose to accept what the insurance company is offering for as long as the insurance company has indicated that it will pay you.

Going to trial or workers’ compensation hearing might not be the best option as, though it doesn’t always happen, you could end up getting less than what the insurance company was offering. The good thing with settlement is that you are guaranteed settlement without the risk of a trial. Accepting a settlement will also save you time it takes to wait for a hearing, as well as all the hassle and anxiety associated with it.

  • To get the best settlement, you need to get legal counsel. A Workers Compensation Lawyer Palatine will know all the defenses that defendants form and have comebacks for them beforehand. Click here for more information.
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