A Waterjet Is a Very Versatile Tool

When it comes to cutting, there are several options. One of them is to use a Waterjet. This is a cutting tool that uses water to do the cutting instead of a saw blade. The water is forced through a nozzle at a very high pressure. The jet shoots at 1/2-1 gallon a minute. In some uses the jet is just pure water, but in others, the water will contain a non-toxic garnet grit.

A water cutting tool is incredibly flexible. It can be used in a large variety of industries. The water can be used as a tool to cut a product very cleanly. On top of providing a very clean cut, it helps to avoid things like smoke, fumes, and dust. Another thing that it can help avoid is contamination between items being cut. That is one reason that these cutting tools are popular with meat cutters. There is no worry about contamination from one slab of meat to another, because there is no blade to be contaminated.

One reason that the Waterjet is used in other industries is that it doesn’t cause any heat near the area of the cut. The heat from other cutting tools can cause something called the heat affected zone. That heat can actually cause molecular changes in certain materials. That can weaken the material in an area that surrounds the cut.

It is very easy to change the width of the cut made by the water. The width of the cut is also known as the kerf. It’s as easy as changing the size of the nozzle or adding in or changing the abrasive. The kerf can be as narrow as .076 mm. That allows the tool to be able to produce very precise cuts. Many industries work with tolerances that are very small, and need to have dependable, accurate cuts.

A cutting tool that uses a jet of water to cut with is useful and highly valued in many industries. There are many reasons that they are used, and they can cut a wide variety of materials, safely, quickly and easily.