A Tree Service in Bronx NY Gets Your Property Looking Great

If some of the trees around your place never seem to thrive, perhaps it’s time to call a Tree Service in Bronx NY for assistance. The trees might need more frequent watering or some fertilization. They might benefit from pruning. A tree service technician can determine whether a tree is being affected by bugs or disease. In some cases, a sickly tree should be cut down to allow other plants around it to have more space and sunlight.

The technician from this Tree Service in Bronx NY recognizes signs of poor nutrition in trees, which can develop when the soil has been depleted of nutrients. Perhaps your lot has a high sand content, which lets nutrients drain away too fast for roots to absorb them. The arborist adds fertilizer around the base and provides instructions you can follow to apply the material in the future. You must be careful not to do this too often or too zealously because over-fertilization is harmful to all types of plants.

This is especially important if you have young trees that have not yet developed a full root system. Over-fertilization damages the roots and dramatically slows their growth. The roots may wind up being short, thin and weak. That means they will be less able to take up nutrients and water. The tree also will be vulnerable to being uprooted and blowing over during high winds.

While at your property, a tree service technician in Bronx NY can trim all the branches that need it in addition to evaluating the plants that aren’t growing well. The technician can reshape trees that have taken on a lopsided appearance and trim branches that are dropping leaves and other debris onto the roof. If any branches are actually touching the roof, those should be pruned back because scraping against the shingles during windy conditions can gradually damage them.

With the assistance of an organization such as Arnoldo’s Tree Service, you can get your property looking exactly the way you want it. That’s especially the case with organizations that provide landscaping work in addition to skilled tree service. You might decide you want some new shrubs or additional tree or two, along with various other landscaping features to improve the appearance of your property.

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