A Social Security Disability Attorney in Charlotte, NC Helps with Appeals

The Social Security Administration denies about 70 percent of initial applications for long-term disability benefits. The most common reasons are conditions that typically do not fit the criteria for disability and not providing sufficient medical documentation. Applicants who have not been approved may appeal the decision. A Social Security disability attorney in Charlotte, NC, can help with this step.

Confirming Disability

The lawyer first verifies whether the client should qualify for disability benefits. If so, specific strategies are used to boost the odds of a successful appeal. A Social Security disability attorney in Charlotte, NC knows the documentation necessary to confirm the claimant is unable to work full-time now. Medical notes must verify that this situation will continue for at least one year.

Appeals and Second Applications

Appeals must be filed within 60 days of claim denial. Otherwise, they must begin the process with a new application.

The Administration typically takes longer to approve or deny an appeal compared with an application. When people learn this, they may feel tempted to send a second application instead of going through the appeals process. Unfortunately, without professional assistance, they may not understand how to make that second claim successful. Many men and women receive a second denial.

Concluding Thoughts

After two denials, many individuals feel like giving up. However, there is no limit on the number of applications or appeals one person can file. If someone is truly disabled, continuing to pursue the claim is justified and fair. To know more, please visit Collins Price, PLLC, now.

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