A Social Security Attorney Can Help You Win Benefits

With six out of every 10 claims for Social Security disability benefits being denied, hiring a Social Security attorney in Orange to help with an appeal is a wise move. Social Security attorneys have a great deal of knowledge and experience, a must for winning what, at times, are extremely complicated cases.

With the complexities of the system, it is understandable that many claimants are unaware of the strict appeal deadlines or whether they can even appeal the denial of benefits.

A Social Security attorney can help:

Right from the outset of the claim, a seasoned Social Security attorney can assist with completing and filing the initial claim and supporting documentation. Your attorney can guide you, answering all questions that you may have about the process.

In the event, your claim is denied, and even applications made with the assistance of attorneys are denied, the case will move to the appeal stage. If you did not use an attorney with your initial claim, this is the time to hire one.

Once you know that an Administrative Law Judge will hear your appeal, your attorney will review what was initially submitted and determine what is lacking or needs to be reinforced. The only objective is to prove that you have a disability that is recognized by Social Security and it is expected to last at least one year, and your claim can be supported by medical evidence.

Hearings are nothing new to your Social Security attorney in Orange. Based on experience, your attorney can give you insight as to what questions you may be asked by the ALJ. It is imperative that you are fully prepared to answer the Judge and expert witnesses that may be involved if you are not, you can conceivably ruin your chance of winning your appeal.

An experienced Social Security attorney can help. Claimants that are represented are far more likely to win their appeal than those that are not.

Having a Social Security attorney in Orange can help you win your claim for disability benefits. For a free evaluation of your case, contact The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen.

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