A Slip and Fall Attorney in Gig Harbor: Basic Concept of a Slip and Fall

Every individual is expected to act responsibly for their own and community benefit. However, most people do not play their part in performing their duties that cause other to suffer as a result of their negligence. An example of this is when a premise owner fails to meet his duties by maintaining good and safe conditions of his property. Such negligence of property owners causes accidents such as slip and fall.

A majority of Slip and fall accidents in premises are caused by poor conditions of properties. Some major causes of slip and fall accidents are: slippery, uneven floors and dark stairs and hallways. Even with their knowledge that such conditions exist in their property, some owners do not take any measures to rectify them. While others may take care when walking on such floors, others like old people and children often fall victims of such conditions because they do not have the proper balance. To put an end to such negligence of property owners, as a slip and fall victim, you should ensure that you take the necessary measures by suing them. If you want a lawyer to represent you, find help from a Slip And Fall Attorney in Gig Harbor.

After the accident, you should get proper medical attention as you file a case with your attorney. When some injuries are left unattended, they might lead to serious conditions. Your attorney will help you prove the following in a slip and fall claim.

  • The property owner was responsible for your safety or should have warned you of any possible dangers which he failed to.
  • Prove that the owner failed to look properly after their property, and their negligence caused your injury.
  • Your lawyer will also prove that you suffered injuries, and the doctor’s report will prove the cause and extent of the injuries. If the injuries caused you not to work, the property owner would compensate you for any lost wages.

Premise owners should ensure that their properties are kept in safe conditions to avoid such accidents as slip and fall. Visit Otto Law Offices and ask for a Slip And Fall Attorney in Gig Harbor.

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