A Simple Guide To Selecting Office Chairs For An Orange County Company

For a new business, a company upgrade or renovation or to order new office furniture it will be essential to make a wise choice in office chairs. Most offices are going to have several different types of chairs. Knowing which ones you need and how to choose from the options available will be an important first step.

Chairs for Guests

For Orange County waiting rooms, guest chairs in offices, for cafeterias or for lecture rooms or meeting rooms, stackable types of chairs are the most common option. These will typically be metal frames with a plastic or upholstered seat and back. They typically do not have arms but some styles and designs will.

They can have four individual legs, or the back and front legs on each side can be connected through the frame. This provides a greater surface on the floor and prevents issues with gouging into the flooring that can occur with the four individual legs.

Some companies offer only a few styles and colors of these all-purpose types of chairs. Other companies provide a top selection that allows the business to choose the color and the frame style that matches their décor and business design.

Employee Chairs

There are several different types of employee chairs. These office chairs are typically on wheels so they can be easily positioned for working at a computer or a desk.

Different designs may offer greater adjustability to the seat height, the tilt of the seat and the angle of the backrest. These chairs can have arms or they may not, but look for designs that are ergonomic and allow for the employee to adjust the chair to suit their comfort level.

One important feature for work chairs for desks and offices is the height of the back. Some people prefer a high back chair, where the top of the chair reaches to the back of the head or just to the base of the neck. Others prefer a mid-back chair that provides support through the shoulders.
These two distinct styles are available through any quality Orange County office supply store.

These office chairs can range from the more stylized type of task chairs that feature a mesh look on the back and seat to fully upholstered leather executive chairs. Most offices will have several different chair options to allow employees to find one that suits their preference.

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