A sauna has many health benefits

A sauna provides many benefits over and above the relaxation and positive enjoyment. An infrared sauna has been shown to have significant health benefits. In most instances, people will visit a spa or health club to use a sauna, and in almost every case it will be a traditional sauna in which the heat source is hot rocks. With the availability of saunas that work using infrared, many people are installing one in their home so they can use them regularly.

When a person sits in a sauna, they quickly begin to sweat; it is this sweating that rids the body of toxins and stimulates the body which in turn improves circulation. An infrared sauna uses light to stimulate the body deep under the skin; it does not require the high heat of a traditional sauna but a more comfortable temperature of 130 F to 140F. It is the penetrative infrared that causes the perspiration. The very act of sweating is good for your body, both inside and out.

Intense exercise has the tendency to produce sweat and increase the heart rate, a sauna does the same thing. The sauna experience can elevate the heart rate by a good 50 percent; it is this cardiovascular workout that is responsible for combating heart disease. There have been studies that indicate that a sauna is as beneficial to the heart as actual physical exercise. Regular use of an infrared sauna improves the function of the blood vessels which is a leading factor in improving cardiac health.

The body itself generates about half its heat in the form of infrared rays, but this is not enough to combat the high stress levels and toxins that are part of modern living. To overcome these issues, the body needs a boost in infrared ray output to fight off the negative effects and to maximize the body’s potential to heal itself.

When taking an infrared sauna this is exactly what happens, the rays act as a stimulant, this stimulant in turn increases the number of white blood cells which are those cells that are responsible for healing. With stimulation, the body can heal itself and prevent various illnesses that often occur due to a compromised immune system. The heat from the sauna can control many viruses as most cannot survive in elevated temperatures.

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