A Recruiting Agency May List a Higher-Level Type of Inventory Job for Tulsa, OK Residents

Many people think of inventory jobs as entry-level work that doesn’t pay well. They don’t stop and think that there also are employees who are supervising, coordinating, and managing the department. Major retailers, large warehouses, and other corporations may need these higher-level positions to be filled. For this type of Inventory Job Tulsa OK, residents might register with a recruiting agency.

Types of Inventory Positions

Entry-level inventory jobs may only require a high school diploma, but most of the higher-level ones require a bachelor’s degree. An inventory control coordinator, shift supervisor, and department manager also will need some previous work experience. Coordinators and supervisors might not need direct experience in an inventory setting, but managers typically will. For this kind of Inventory Job Tulsa OK, candidates can streamline the process by signing on with a recruiter that has these positions available.

Inventory Department Supervisor Responsibilities

An agency such as The Recruiting Specialists may have positions listed for inventory supervisors. Supervisors not only monitor employees; they also do some of the hands-on inventory work. Also, they may be the ones responsible for making sure there is always sufficient inventory on hand for customer orders but not so much that product sits for a very long time. That requires an analysis of current conditions, changes in order, and making the necessary adjustments.

Inventory Supervisor Pay Information

The salary analysis website PayScale reports the average hourly rate for an inventory department supervisor at nearly $17 per hour as of 2019. That’s about $35,000 per year. When working for major corporations, many of these men and women receive bonuses and profit sharing opportunities as well.

Department Manager Responsibilities

Managers typically need some supervisory experience even if this will be their first position in management. It is unusual for anyone to be promoted to this level in a major corporation without at least five years of work experience. They may be expected to know at least one inventory-focused software package. They are responsible for making major decisions about the department and overseeing strategies for making it run more efficiently. Visit us online to learn about one recruiting agency.

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