A Pre-Season AC Tune Up in Cape Coral, FL Will Save You Money in the Summer and Keep You More Comfortable

An Air Conditioning tune-up before the cooling season begins is an effort to guarantee a cool home in the heat of the summer. When the A/C expert comes and checks the total system, he will identify the parts of the system which need attention. This will prevent a panic call in high season when the A/C companies are the busiest. There are several parts of the system which will need adjusting and other parts which may need to be replaced.

AC Tune Up in Cape Coral, FL can provide a company to do the inspection and complete any needed repairs in a timely manner. Check out CoolAir Conditioning for its pre-season service plan. This is one of many companies who can provide this service.

The first step is to make certain that your vent system is structured to handle the air flow required. If it is not, then complete cooling will be impossible to achieve. The thermostat will be checked because it does control the air temperature and it should be able to do this without any malfunction of the thermostat.

The temperature of the home when the A/C is running will depend on several other factors. These will give you an idea of what a checkup can do for you. Dirty coils will keep the temperature up to 15 degrees less than you have it set to be. The system will run longer using more energy for less benefit.

All moving parts should be lubricated so they continue to run smoothly. One important part to check is the condensate drain because this will backup and water will overflow the drain pan and run down between the walls. Many homes have had to replace walls and get rid of black mold. The AC Tune Up in Cape Coral, FL understands the blower motor is a key part and it needs to run at peak performance. The A/C technician has equipment to ascertain this. The outside fan motor should be cleaned and lubricated. The refrigerant level is a key checkpoint because if it is low you will not get the cooling you need. With these check points on the list along with others, you are sure to have a more comfortable summer.

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