A Pharmacy That Gives Vaccines in San Pedro, CA

One of the bedrock institutions of a community is the local pharmacy. The pharmacy is the face of relief for many people who have gone to the doctor and have gotten a prescription for their ailment. Sometimes, just a visit to the drugstore will make you feel better because you know relief is coming soon. Nowadays, the pharmacies do more than just administer drugs or sell medical supplies. They now offer vaccinations against various illnesses and disease.

There is a pharmacy in California that gives vaccines san pedro. They want to tell you about vaccinations now being a part of the pharmacist’s role in the lives of patients. The term “vaccination” comes from the Latin term vaccinus which is literally “relating to cows.” The term came to be in use due to an experiment in 1796 of the usages of cowpox lesions from the hands of a young woman being placed on the skin of a lad that had been cut. The youngster became immune to (or was vaccinated) against smallpox. Vaccines are designed to prevent many diseases, and have saved millions of lives over the past 200 years. It should be noted, however, that diseases that could have been prevented or controlled by vaccines kill more people annually than breast cancers, AIDS or traffic accidents. That means more education concerning vaccines needs to rolled out to help save more people.

Since 2009, during the outbreak of the H1N1 virus, a lot of people have become more concerned and wary about getting vaccines, but pharmacists, in the uncanny position to identify the potentially best candidates for vaccinations, have now undertaken more responsibility and a role in administering vaccines. Pharmacies such as Seaside Pharmacy, which gives vaccines san pedro, California, are educating their patients on the benefits of vaccinations. Seaside Pharmacy has been in business since 1889, not only giving vaccines san pedro, California, but also providing diabetic care, home health care, medication therapy management and travel clinic services. They provide immunizations for many diseases including, but not limited to, rubella, influenza, measles and polio. For vaccines san pedro, California, visit Seaside Pharmacy in the store, or contact them by their website,

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