A Manufacturer Who Does Print Circuit board assembly in Illinois Talks of Defects Control

Do you have an idea or design that will require the usage of print circuit boards? If your idea is in its incipient stage, Caltronics Design and Assembly Inc will bring it to life for you. They do print circuit board assembly in Illinois and will aid in you in the assembly and/or design of your print circuit board (PCB), facilitating the flow from the creation stage to the finished product. They want to give you the heads up on some problems that might occur with PCB assembly and design.

PCB manufacturing has developed from the days of old to a more complex, multi-layered board combining through-hole, surface mount and chip-on-board type configurations. Of course, this means the complexity of the board assembly process also increases the potential and amount of manufacturing defects. Some of the failures that may arise out of this complex design are the misalignment of components, broken metal lines, board delamination, poor die bonding, cold-solder joints and metal and ionic residues causing surface contamination.

It has been reported that industry-wide, about 100 to 1,000 parts are defective in any given testing per million, in other words, about a thousand parts per one million of solder-joints manufactured. Such an increase in defects add up to bad news in an industry that manufactures, distributes or sells PCB’s and parts as the defects “return to sender” for rework, scrap and essentially a dip in process reliability.

Caltronics Design and Assembly understands the problems with defects and ensures the quality of the PCB’s produced. They offer their all-inclusive services in the states of Wisconsin, California, Minnesota and Illinois. They are involved in every stage of bringing to fruition your needs of print circuit boards and other parts and have the capability to source hard-to-get parts. As well as surface-mount technology/ print circuit board assembly, they also provide environmental analyzing and product performance, ensuring the success of your project. To get a manufacturer who does Print Circuit board assembly in Illinois, be sure to visit Caltronics Design and Assembly, Inc on their website, Where you can take full advantage of their engineering services such as electronic design, custom product development, turnkey assembly, programmable logic devices, printed circuit layout and circuit design, and much, much more.

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