A Manahawkin Cosmetic Dentist Can Fix Crooked, Chipped or Missing Teeth

Crooked, chipped or missing teeth can make a person feel very self-conscious about their smile. A Manahawkin Cosmetic Dentist has many procedures that can fix any of these conditions. Adult patients with crooked teeth can count on traditional braces to straighten them as fast as possible. While there is a bit of discomfort associated with the procedure as the wires are tightened and the teeth move, it is easily managed with over-the-counter pain medications. In addition to having a better smile, many people also notice that headaches and jaw pain disappear.

Some adult patients are leery of traditional metal braces. They don’t want to have to go to business lunches and worry about food getting stuck in their braces. A  Cosmetic Dentist  may recommend transparent aligners instead of traditional braces. They are completely invisible when they are in place. They don’t interfere with a person’s ability to speak clearly to make an oral presentation. They are taken out to eat and clean the teeth. Computer software uses digitized information of the patient’s mouth from the impression to calculate the ideal position of the teeth. It then creates a series of aligners to gently move the teeth into this location.

If the teeth are already straight, but have chips from minor accidents, a Manahawkin Cosmetic Dentist will recommend bonding to fix a single tooth. If there are several chipped teeth or the teeth have large gaps between them, the dentist will recommend using veneers. These are thin shells that fit over the front of the teeth. They are cemented into place. They can be made of either resin or porcelain and take one or two office visits to complete. Many people choose this option if they have a major life event in the near future. They want to look great for wedding photographs or to see their friends at the high school reunion.

Dental implants can easily replace a missing tooth. The Manahawkin Cosmetic Dentist inserts an implant into the patient’s jaw bone. Once it has been incorporated into the jaw, it is as strong as the original tooth. A porcelain crown is then attached to the implant. The result is so natural people will think it’s the person’s original tooth.

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