A Homeowners Guide to Gas Furnace Installation in Rockville

The process by which gas furnaces heat homes is straightforward. The fuel, either propane or natural gas is piped from an outside source to the furnace. Here it is heated with a heat exchanger, and a fan-driven air distribution system delivers the heated air through a network of duct systems to all the rooms in the home. Older furnaces have pilot lights that must be turned off in the spring and then relit in the fall. New, energy efficient Gas Furnace Installation in Rockville uses an electronic ignition switch to light the pilot eliminating the need for manual lighting.

The average gas furnace is very reliable, however, as with any appliance, sometimes things just happen.

• The furnace produces little or no heat -; Check the thermostat setting as it may be set too low. The circuit breaker or fuse for the furnace may be blown or tripped. Check to make sure the fuel source valve is open. For non-electronic ignition furnaces, check the pilot light.

• The furnace kicks on and off frequently -; Some causes include dirty air filters, a faulty blower motor or thermostat. Adjusting the heat anticipator on the thermostat, replacing the air filter, or lubricating the blower motor may fix the problem.

• The blower motor runs constantly -; Possible causes include the fan set on continuous mode or a faulty limit control switch on the furnace if the thermostat doesn’t have one. To correct the problem try changing the thermostat setting or resetting or replacing the limit control switch.

• The furnace is noisy -; High-pitched squealing sounds are produced when the blower belt is loose, or the motor or shaft bearings are in need of oil. To address the problem, tighten loose blower belts. Properly adjusted belts should dip no more than one-inch at the center of its span. Lower-pitched rumbling sounds occur when the pilot light is not adjusted correctly. Oil, the blower’s lubrication, ports located at the ends of the shaft. Check the adjustment of the pilot light as well.

Major repairs or installation services should be left to the trained technicians who do Gas Furnace Installation in Rockville. However, the homeowner can perform routine maintenance such as checking the air filter monthly and cleaning and replacing it as needed. Annual inspections include cleaning the blower blades, lubricating the blower motor, and checking the blower belt.

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