A Heating Contractor in Neenah, WI for all System Types

There are multiple systems for heating a home or business. A boiler, an oil-burning furnace, radiant heat, and heat pumps are a few examples. Some heating and cooling companies focus on one or two systems to install, repair, and maintain. A heating contractor in Neenah WI is an expert in all heating systems rather than a limited number of systems.

Simple to Complex

A minor repair or adjustment is one that can be easily detected and simple to fix, such as a leak in a hose or a clamp that needs replacing. The technician will be able to make those repairs quickly and be out of the house. This is especially true if the owner has a maintenance agreement with the company because the technician will be familiar with that unit.

Complex repairs may take more time to determine. A heating contractor in Neenah WI will have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to complete testing and diagnostic services in a timely manner. There will be no guessing or repairs to narrow down the causes of a problem. It is possible that a newer model is less expensive than a major repair, and the technician can determine and explain why this may be the case.

New Heating System Options

A comprehensive contractor is ideal when a new heater is required. Customers can ask questions, compare the advantages and disadvantages of alternatives to the current system, and make informed decisions. Free estimates will be provided to allow for cost comparisons. A new type of system may be more energy-efficient or better accommodate the needs of the occupants than the one in the building.


New units will have manufacturers’ warranties but those do not cover the work involved in installing the unit. Before choosing a company or contractor, ask about a guarantee for the labor. Some will offer no guarantee while others will offer a limited guarantee for thirty to ninety days.

It is rare to find a longer guarantee so visit bobsqualityheating.com to discover a guarantee that lasts for a full year. Experience is another plus when having a heating unit installed. A decade is wonderful, but three or four decades of experience is superior to newer companies.

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