A Gutter Service in Edmonds Wa can Handle all Aspects of Gutter Needs

Gutters are ideal for stopping rain from puddling around a home’s foundation or leaking into a basement. A gutter works by collecting rainwater as it rolls off of a roof’s edge and sends it through a downspout where it is redirected away from a home. Gutters eliminate erosion from rainwater runoff and protect a home’s exterior from water damage and mold. A Gutter Service in Edmonds Wa can assist with all gutter needs including installation, repairs, and maintenance.

Sectional or Seamless Gutters

There are many different styles of gutters, but the main thing to consider is whether to use sectional gutters or seamless gutters. Sectional gutters are less expensive, however, seamless gutters genuinely last longer. Seamless gutters are made from one continuous section and only have joints at the corners and where they meet up with the downspouts, so they are less likely to leak. Sectional gutters have multiple joints that connect different gutter pieces together which may cause them to be weaker than the seamless variety.

Gutter Installation

When gutters are installed it’s important that they are attached correctly to a roof, as well as being properly pitched. Gutters need to be level from front to back to prevent water from overflowing on either side. They also need to be pitched slightly toward the downspout with about 1/4 inch slope for every 10 feet to ensure that the water will move properly. If gutters sag or lean on either side, it’s important to realign them so that the water traveling through them isn’t directed toward the home’s foundation.

Gutter Cleaning

The most common reason for a gutter to quit working is a clog in the system. As leaves and debris accumulate in a gutter, it can cause water to spill over the edges rather than flow freely toward the downspout. Improperly channeled water may get trapped under the roofing material causing damage to the exterior and interior surfaces of a home, or it could allow water to pool next to the home’s foundation. Built-up debris in a gutter should be scooped out once or twice a year, followed by flushing the gutter with water to remove any remaining sediment.

When considering adding gutters to a home, a Gutter Service in Edmonds Wa can assist with choosing the correct type for the structure that they will be going on. Once installed, the technicians can also handle repairs and maintenance as the need arises.

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