A Guide to Pre-Winter Porsche Service in Chicago

As the winter holidays approach, many are thinking of hitting the road to visit family in faraway places. Late autumn is the perfect time to get your car ready for the winter; in the article below you will get a road map to pre-winter Porsche service in Chicago.

Make sure your engine is up to the task: If your car is experiencing rough idling, hard starts, stalling, or a decrease in power, take it to the shop right away, because cold weather only makes problems worse. Ask your car care technician to replace dirty air and fuel filters, PCVs, and other parts.

Keep the fuel system clean: If you live in a frigid climate, put a bottle of fuel de-icer in your fuel tank at least once per month to keep ice from clogging your fuel lines. Also, keeping your tank filled will prevent the build-up of excess moisture.

Change the oil: If you don’t feel comfortable doing your own oil change, take it to the shop to have it done. Most owner’s manuals specify that oil changes should be done every 3000 miles; more often if you do a lot of stopping and starting.

Check the heating and cooling system: Winter isn’t the time to forget about your vehicle’s cooling system; it should be flushed and/or refilled according to manufacturer specifications. We don’t recommend doing it yourself, but if you do, you should NEVER remove the radiator cap until the engine has completely cooled.

Your hoses, clamps and drive belts should be checked by an auto repair technician. Your car’s defroster and heater should also be checked, to ensure good visibility and driver/passenger comfort.

Inspect your windshield and wipers: Now’s the time to replace your old wiper blades–if you live in a cold or harsh climate, buy winter blades to prevent ice build-up. Keep your windshield wiper fluid reservoir filled, and keep an ice scraper in your glove compartment.

Check your battery: There’s no way to self-diagnose a weak battery; it’s a job better left to the professionals. However, you can easily remove corrosion from cable connections and posts, and you can keep an eye on fluid levels.

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