A Guide To Dab And Oil Rigs In Long Island

The popularity of cannabis oils has created a new way to consume the substance through a process called “dabbing.” When an enthusiast refers to a “dab,” that person is simply referring to small amount of cannabis extract. To take a dab, the smoker must heat the small amount of extract in order to vaporize the substance. The term “dabbing” comes from the act of gently touching the extract to the burner in order for it vaporize. These burners are generally called dab or oil rigs by head shops, and the method of dabbing shouldn’t be confused with smoking.

Many cannabis enthusiasts are moving to this method, because it is generally easier on the lungs. However, more traditional smokers seem more skeptical, because they question the solvents ratio added to the cannabis in order to create a dab. People who create these concentrates often use ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, propane, CO2, and butane in their substances in order for the dab to burn more efficiently and give the user a better hit. The finished concentrate is much more potent than cannabis in its original form. This motivates many traditional smokers to attempt dabbing and see how it compares.

The general set-up involves a bong or bubbler that includes a heating element in the rig. The heating elements are occasionally referred to as “skillets” or “pads” depending on the unit’s structure. Otherwise, the smoking process looks just as familiar as the typical bong unit. finding rigs in Long Island doesn’t have to be difficult for locals. BURN is one smoke shop that sales oil Rigs in Long Island. Enthusiasts can even search online for e-head shops that sell oil rigs to customers across the nation.

When shopping for an oil rig, it’s a good idea to ask about safety. Some patrons are concerned about the open flame aspect of oil rigs, but they aren’t typically dangerous. However, people who are new to dabbing should consult with others before attempting this method. It’s important to learn about the safety precautions and general practices of an oil rig. Most enthusiasts will suggest that others attempt vaporizers first before trying to use an oil rig for recreational use.

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