A Guide to Cheap Flavored Cigars

Cigars these days can come in a vast assortment of different flavors. The larger traditional cigars usually come in a different flavor category than little cigars and/or cigarillos. People who smoke cigars usually tend to have a favorite flavor or at least a flavor preference, except for those certain “veteran” cigar smokers who consider flavored cigars to be laughable and absurd. For the cigar smokers who like the many different cigar flavors available in the market today, this article is definitely a good one for you.

Trying Out New Cheap Flavored Cigars

First of all, if you happen to be a newcomer to the flavored cigar trend, then there is something you should know upfront. You do not have to spend a ton of money in order to find good quality flavored cigars. Good flavored cigars can actually be bought on the cheap. The best way to start trying out new kinds of cheap flavored cigars is to buy only one or two of the cheap flavored cigars in order to sample flavors that you think you might like. This is a good method to use when trying new flavors that you are not completely sure about.

Cheap Flavored Cigars: Little Cigars and Cigarillos

Little cigars and cigarillos are the kinds of cigars that come in the largest variety of brands and especially flavors. Little cigars have gained a big amount of popularity in recent years. Cheap cigars, in general, are less expensive than cheap cigarettes. This is most likely due to the fact that the taxes on cigarettes are a lot more than the taxes on cigars. Cigarillos come in a few different flavors, as do little cigars, but there are a much greater variety of little cigar flavors available in the market than there are flavors of cigarillos.

Little cigars, cigarillos and other cheap flavored cigars can be mildly or strongly flavored. Some flavored cigars have a strong and almost overbearing taste, and this usually depends on the brand of flavored cigars, as well as exactly which flavor you are smoking at the time. Cheap flavored cigars can actually go one way or the other when it comes to how strong the flavor is of the cheap flavored cigars. Some of them have a strong taste to them, while other flavors come across as very mild.

In conclusion, with so very many different cheap flavored cigars out there to choose from, you should only buy one or two if you are not sure which flavors you will like. Also, some cheap flavored cigars will have a stronger taste than others will.





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