A Glen Burnie Animal Control Service Helps Homeowners Eliminate Rodent Problems

A Glen Burnie Animal Control service can help homeowners when they have trouble with rodents on the property. Mice may be getting into the house and chipmunks may be causing destruction around the yard. The critters may be cute, but that doesn’t mean people want them inside or digging holes in inconvenient places. Actual extermination with poison is not advisable either outdoors or indoors, although the technicians may use snap traps or other traps the animals cannot escape from. They also focus on prevention and on making the property less attractive to these creatures.

Setting out poison for chipmunks and mice is problematic for a few reasons. Outdoors, other animals can get into the substance, including pets. Dogs and cats also might be inclined to catch and eat a chipmunk or mouse that is too weak to escape, putting those companion animals at risk of being poisoned. Inside, mice that begin feeling ill from poison are likely to move behind walls or under floors. There, they expire and start to emit a disgusting odor that permeates this part of the home.

An example of a preventive strategy that technicians from a Glen Burnie Animal Control service would recommend involves keeping the land under bird feeders free of debris that falls from the feeders. That may involve setting up a platform under the feeders so the seeds and grain can be swept away once a day, or diligent raking of the area. Chipmunks and mice are naturally attracted to the chips of sunflower seeds and bits of millet that drop as birds get their meals.

Effective pest control for these critters is never a one-time solution. Homeowners will need to take charge of preventive measures and monitor traps if they want those devices on the property. Some soft-hearted individuals like the idea of catching mice and chipmunks and transporting them to a park or wild area. If the rodent population is relatively high near their home, however, this can become a frequent and annoying process. Additional recommendations are available from the professionals at an organization like Accutech Pest Management.

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